We were lucky with the weather & so the project was progressing at great speed with a happy crew.

The timber frame arrived from Sydnehams on the Island (designed by Spencer Wright). This was up & in place within days to great enthusiasm from us as the speed of it really boosted moral. This is the nature of timber framed structures, when all is well with the design solution. The site was being transformed before our eyes and our old bungalow was a shell by now with all windows and doors removed and the inside completely gutted. The garden - once a tranquil setting was by now devoid of grass and simply a building site!

Other parts of the project were keeping us busy and a trip to local Briddlesford Lodge Farm (Bluebells Cafe) was the ideal setting to experiment with Briddlesford Yoghurt on the cowshed cladding panels. The theory behind this slightly 'bonkers' idea was the fact that we were really keen to engage the building within its setting. Yoghurt encourages the growth of lichen and moss, ideal to echo the ancient woodland where the house stands.

This part of the filming with the crew was a day to remember - Lisa with a paintbrush and a bucket of yoghurt, Kevin McCloud with a paint brush and the other recipe, a bucket of yoghurt mixed with cow slurry! How each had been chosen is a mystery to us!