JULY 2010

The sun is shining, Lisa is starting the long awaited final piece of the jigsaw - the vitreous enamel wall art - approx. 2.5m high x 3m across, wrapping around the building of the courtyard side.

The absract design echoing the buildings space and place was painted directly onto enamel coated steel panels and fired at A.J. Wells and Sons in Newport on the island.

The front entrance with its sweep of concrete curb blocks (Bardon Vectis) to the front door over a still pond captured a burnt sculpture by island artist Colin Riches, his own take on the building within its setting.

As the front door welcomes you in a graphic wall mural was painted by our dear friend Garry Whitehead. Knowing our love of all things 50's/60's he cleverly created a two-tone visual script based on a retro advertising campaign for a well-known hair cream - perfect!