November and the build is rolling on...

Siberian larch was to be burnt and added to the outside of the bungalow and studio attached to a timber frame that was to be added to the mock-stone. The burning of the larch encourages the resisns in the wood (cellulose) to seep out and become a natural weather proof lacquer. The carbon facade detracts insects and the nature of the burning results in fire-retarding the material of the cladding. Added to this, we love how the building looks and it expresses the bark of the surrounding woodland, echoing the texture and colour. We also think Kevin enjoyed blow-torching our home!

By now the windows were ready for the bespoke timber frames (The Joinery Shop) to be fitted. The design of these and the huge moveable doors in the kitchen area were designed by Linc from his love of the Artist Mondrian.

The stairs up to the tower were now in place which gave a real sense of progress - these were to be covered in American Walnut to match the windows and doors (The Joinery Shop).

Quietly in the studio sat a mountain (approx. 4,000 individual blocks) of parque flooring rescued from an old Borstal in Yarmouth on the Island. Beautiful timeworn wood with a story to tell but in need of rescue. Every single block had to have the ancient bitumen adhesive cut from the reverse. A momentous task.... little did we know what a labour of love this old flooring was to be.

As November drew to a close the rain commenced...