The sun was still shining - which kept the spirit's high along with the wit and banter from Nick Brady our site foreman!

By now the studio block was in place, timber frame (Sydnehams), underfloor heating (Futuer Energy Services), insulation (Kingspan).

A recce on the roof of the old bungalow gave us some unwelcome news - we had to re-roof! The old girl had past her sell-by date, the roof timbers were rotten and we had to make the descision to go for the new roof - not a bad choice as we all agreed the new slate tiles looked beautiful and joined the line of buildings smoothly. Ok, not a particularly eco-friendly approach but a definite must for us although this did tip our budget over.

As the roof was being re-newed the steel frames arrived for the windows (DMR Steel).
This was quite an epic day seeing huge steel frames swing over the roof-top of the little bungalow to be winched carefully in place in the tower.